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ExitGlo carries a complete line of UL924 listed photoluminescent exit signs rated for three maximum viewing distances 50, 75 & 100 feet. In most cases our 50 foot sign will suit your requirements, but for those situations that require something stronger check out our 75 and 100 foot rated signs. All of our exit signs meet the highest codes, are easy to install and are virtually maintenance free. Every sign on our site is made in the USA and carries a 20 year warranty against manufacturer defects.
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Exit Sign Red
UL924 Listed to 50 Feet
Exit Only No Chevrons 7" Letters
Alluminum Narrow Profile
Glow Type: Lettering

UL924 Listed to 50 Feet
Detachable Chevrons, 7" Letters
Alluminum Normal Profile
Glow Type: Lettering 

UL924 Listed to 100 Feet
Detachable Chevrons, 7" Letters
Lexan Backplate, Normal Profile
Glow Type: Lettering


How They Work


Photoluminescent exit signs work by absorbing and storing available ambient light, then in darkness they release this stored light in the form of a bright luminous glow. The UL924 standard requires exit signs to be legible for a minimum of 90 minutes at the maximum listed viewing distance of each sign. An exit sign that has a UL924 listing has met the highest building code available. ExitGlo  UL924 listed exit signs not only meet, but exceed this specification.


View of Sign in Darkness