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Data Sheet


High Performance Photoluminescet Exit Sign. For indoor use only.                      
75 Foot Maximum Viewing Distance.
1. The sign must be charged for a minimum of 60 minutes to become fully operational.
2. External illumination source must be supplied by a circuit not controlled by an automatic timer or sensor and whose controls are accessible only to authorized personnel.
3. External illumination source is to be energized at all times during building occupancy.
4. Lighting levels on the sign face(s) should be confirmed after any change in external lighting.
5. It is recommended that inspections be performed in accordance with applicable codes.
6. Install sign indoors only, where not exposed to direct sunlight, moisture or temperatures outside the range of +10 degree to 40 C (50-104 F).

Caution Minimum 5 foot-candles (54 Lux of External Unfiltered Fluorescent Illumination must be present on the sign face at all times during occupancy).
This exit sign can be used as a primary or secondary exit sign in accordance with the UL924 standard for "Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment", Eighth Edition, July 2001 revisions. Install in compliance with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 or other applicaple buiding or fire codes for photoluminescent exit signs. They are non-explosive, non-corrosive,non-toxic, non-radioactive and non-electric, requiring no electrical wiring or batteries.

UL924 (FWBX.E255969) listed to a maximum viewing distance of 75 feet.
Two self-adhesive chevrons are supplied with each sign. Small dots are provided to the left of the letter E and to the right of the letter T for easy alignment. If your Exit Sign is to be located other than directly over an Exit apply a chevron to the left or right of the word Exit to indicate the direction of the nearest Exit.
Maintenance of the Exit Sign is limited to periodic cleaning of the sign face and should be done with a non-abrasive soft cloth dampened with water and mild detergent. Do not use chemical solvants of any kind